Commercial Door Lock Jackshaft (DJ)

Overhead Door Openers

Door Lock Jackshaft Operator
Door Lock Jackshaft (DJ) style commercial door operators are ideal for shopping mall applications with lighter rolling doors and grilles. Doors used with this operator should be balanced with the ability to be manually lifted by hand. These operators include a door lock sensor.

MyQ® Technology enables you to securely monitor and control your facility operator and lights with your smartphone, tablet or computer for greater peace of mind.
Alerts can be received as email or pop-up (push) notifications on a mobile device, ensuring the status of your commercial door.
MyQ Mobile App is a free download with no annual activation fee.
Requires 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway to connect to MyQ Smartphone App.


Dual Voltage Connections increase flexibility by enabling the installer to select the required voltage within phase, to meet job-site requirements.
Single-Phase: 115V and 230V, 3-Phase: 208V, 230V and 460V, 575V is a discrete model without field-selectable voltage.
Internal Door Lock Sensor eliminates jamming and damage to door and operator if door is opened when locked.
Control Function Selector Dial enables easy selection and programming of (7) wiring types, from constant pressure to close, to specialized Timer-to-Close functionality to meet end-user needs.
Continuous-Duty High-Starting Torque Motor performs in demanding industrial overhead door applications.
Motor Removable without Affecting Limit Switch Settings saves time and money for maintenance.
Adjustable Friction Clutch helps to protect door and operator from damage should the door meet an obstruction.
Mid-Stop enables partial opening of door to a preprogrammed position for energy savings, time savings and convenience.
Maximum Run Timer reverses or stops door if closing time exceeds expected time-frame to limit damage to door and operator.
Delay-On-Reverse Circuit prevents abrupt reversal of door, reducing wear on the door and operator system.
Continuous-duty high-starting torque motor with instant reverse and overload protection. Available in 1/2 and 3/4 HP; single- or three-phase. Capacitor start on single-phase. Removable without affecting limit switch settings.
Operators are factory preset to C2 wiring, providing momentary contact to open and stop, with constant contact to close.
5V DC NEC Class 2.
First-stage heavy-duty 5L V-belt; second-third-fourth stages #48 chain; #50 output sprocket chain.
Industrial ball bearings on a 1" output shaft; heavy-duty oil-filled bushings on reduction shafts.
Brake standard on 3/4 HP operators (optional on 1/2 HP).
NEMA 1 type electrical box, heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame with durable powder coat finish, all reduction sprockets drilled and pinned to shafts.
Two-year warranty.

UL 325 requires all commercial door operators to be either constant pressure to close or be equipped with a primary external monitored entrapment protection device.
Security+ 2.0™ safeguards your facility – with every click, a new code is sent to the commercial door operator so the door opens only for you.
Timer-To-Close conveniently and confidently closes the commercial door automatically after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed for added security and peace of mind.
Floor Level Disconnect enables manual lifting in an emergency.

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